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Updated: Sep 20, 2020

28.10.19 – 02.11.19

By Rose McKean

This week, TakeOver Festival is celebrating its tenth anniversary at York Theatre Royal!

The renowned, youth-led Theatre Festival will showcase a diverse range of exciting events: from innovative new Plays and Musicals to Comedians and Drag Queens, there’s something here for everyone!

TakeOver Festival was established in 2009 by the then-artistic director Damian Crude, as an Arts Council funded scheme, designed to allow young people (ages 11-26) to get involved with all aspects of the Theatre Industry. Since then, the organisation has flourished, becoming a generous, community-focused, celebratory festival, displaying a remarkable array of productions, workshops and inclusive events.

At its heart, TakeOver Festival is a reflection of its hardworking team of ambitious young creatives. This year, the TakeOver team has worked furiously to reduce their Environmental impact, and have created a number of events to add their voice to the growing conversation around Climate Justice. (See for instance: Celebrate, 30.10.19 and The Wonder of Trees, 31.10.19).

The week ahead will be a hopeful demonstration of the essential role of the arts in the continuing fight for the Climate. As Artistic Director, Rachel Flannagan surmises: “It’s important that in a world where we are able to make and enjoy art, we are also preserving the planet so that others can do the same in the future.”

Throughout the Festival, Unknown will be working as reviewers in residence, providing a range of responses to the many thought-provoking productions being showcased. Here at Unknown, we believe that Theatre Festivals, such as TakeOver have the potential to highlight new voices, encourage community engagement, and to provide the spark for further discourse; an essential function of the arts.

As York Theatre Royal Executive Director, Tom Bird has said: “TakeOver is one of the most important schemes for young people anywhere in the UK arts sector.” And so, we are honoured to be continuing the conversation here on our website!

The Festival will run from Monday 28th of October 2019 – Sunday 2nd of November, and will be primarily based in York Theatre Royal. For more information visit their webpage here!

Keep up-to-date via their Socials on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @takeoveryork

Here are some highlights to look forward to!

Baby Box | By Laura McGrady | Mon 28 – 6pm | Tues 02 – Mon | 2.30pm @ The Studio

Presented by Sleepless Theatre:Heart-warming and comic exploration of the wonderfully dysfunctional relationship between siblings.”

You and I | Colla Voce Theatre | Mon 28 OCT | 8pm @ Main House

Touching new musical comedy, exploring love, loss and what it really means to be human. Winner of the Cameron Mackintosh Award 2018.

Constellations By Nick Payne | Tues 29 OCT | 6.30pm @ The Upper Foyer

“A Relaxed Rehearsed Reading of Nick Payne’s award winning play Constellations, directed by Jessy Roberts. One relationship. Infinite possibilities. An explosive play about free will and friendship; it’s about quantum multiverse theory love and honey” includes a free cup of tea!

The Wonder of Trees | Thurs Oct 31 | 5pm @ The Studio

“Join Storyteller Alice Courvoisier (and young people from TakOver Festival) For an evening dedicated to the wonder of trees. The session will blend tellings of ancient myths and folktales celebrating trees and forests with a touch of biology.”

What A Wonderful World | Fri 01 Nov | 11.30 am & 2.30pm @ Main House

“Take your little ones on an advernture through the universe, hop aboard a sleer train, create magical a sleeper train, create magical worlds with fluffy snow and bright pink pink flamingoe and get your hands on the stuff of creation.”

Njambi McGrath: Accidental Cocount | Fri 01 Nov |  7.15pm @ The Studio

“In the era when the British people are re-examining who they are as a people, and in relation to the rest of the world. Njambi scrutinises her own story; from the other side of the empire.Njambi McGrath is a Kenyan born, UK based comedian and author.”

Jen Brister: Under Privilege | Fri 01 November  | 9pm @ Main House.

Comedy Show: “An irreverent look at the often controversial subject of ‘privilege’. Who has it? Who doesn’t? And why does no one like to admit they have any?”

Jessica Fostekew: Hench | Sat 02 Nov | 7:30pm @ Main House,

“Absolute powershed and regular host of The Guilty Feminist, Jessica Fostekew explores her big strong strength. Have you ever watched a feminist try and take ‘hench’ as a compliment? It’s like watching a snake eat, but funny.”

Haus of Dench: Drag Queens vs Zombies | Sat 02 Nov | 9:30pm @ Main House

“The award winning queens and king’s of Yorkshire’s drag collective Haus of Dench present a brand new show filled with camp horror, lip-syncing, glitter and gore. Find out if they’ll Death Drop or drop dead in this hilarious dark cabaret!”

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