Artist spotlight: Sabah Foster

This month, we are excited to introduce you to the exceptionally talented London-based Collage Artist: Sabah Foster. We encourage you to peruse this collection of recent artwork and to read Sabah's mediations on her craft and inspirations.


"A big part of my practice stems from my childhood. From a young age I gravitated towards Collage, forever ripping up books and magazines. Always on the hunt for a retro ribbon or postcard to use. I loved the thrill of finding a rare image and putting my own spin on it. Today, I continue to work with my never ending collection of images, which span eras and hold a personal memory of where and when I found them. Nostalgia is a prominent theme in my work. From the use of sentimental imagery to the very practice of working in analogue. Pop art is another influence, with many of my Collages repurposing food packaging and other forms of popular culture."

Hand inna di air, 2020.

"'Hand inna di air’ contrasts club photography with vivid neon's to celebrate a passion for dance, emphasising movement as raw expression in the context of UK club culture."

Plastic smile can't work, 2020.

"Plastic can't work’ uses colour, framing and stokes to centralise the beauty of African women. These images are underrepresented in western society, which is why I have highlighted the photograph through use of contrasting colours."

From Left to Right: I'll bring you the flowers, 2020, Apple of my eye, 2019, Strawberry bubblegum, 2019.

Boy you turn me, 2020.

"Boy you turn me’ juxta poses a graphic novel illustration with traditional west African fashion photography. Two forms of popular culture which do not usually exist side by side. The plane in flight suggests excitement and anticipation which can be interpreted through the woman's body language."

To see more of Sabah's exceptional work, follow her on Instagram @sabahfoster.

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