‘Memories’ Ady Suleiman

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

By Bryony Holdsworth

Ady Suleiman, an emotionally articulate singer songwriter with soulful brilliance, is set to release his new album Memories early next month. His lyrical candidness is infectious, swooping between vocal discord and soulful pop. The album opens with ‘I Remember’, the uplifting piano pop topped with Suleiman’s gorgeously smooth vocals. The bold collection of songs draw on the singer’s personal experiences, and this impassioned emotion is brutally honest. His lyricism is strikingly simple, and yet incredibly effective- “what’s the colour of your skin and the dress that you’ll be wearing?” croons Suleiman in ‘Need Somebody to Love’.

‘Longing For Your Love’ is one of the strongest tracks on the album, the finger plucked accompaniment effortlessly complementing the gushing narrative.

Youthful lust is boldly woven through the track, and is a true testament to Suleiman’s emotionally raw lyricism: “Cos if you leave you’re just a memory / a faded shadow that haunts my dreams”. Every song has been curated with a personal story in mind, drawing on touchstones of British adolescence. The effortless production is poignant, particularly as Suleiman wanted to draw on his experiences as a young man: “I didn’t want overproduced songs. You can still hear a mistake I made on the guitar in ‘Longing For Your Love’. I wanted it kept in. Mistakes are what make you human”.

Although dominated by luscious acoustic guitar, ‘Say So’ swerves into electronica, the jangled opener incongruous with the previous tracks. Not one to speak in riddles, the lyrics make sense the moment they hit the page, stripped back and effortless: “It’s a bitter pill to swallow / And now I’m numb fucked and hollow”. Garnering attention from superstars Chance the Rapper and Joey Bada$$, Memories is an album brimming with grandiose pop and soulful R&B- refreshingly profound.  


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