Jammy ‘No More Drugs’

Updated: Oct 17, 2020

By Bryony Holdsworth

Listening to No More Drugs is a truly sensory experience. The 20 year old Bay Area rap artist has released his first EP and seems determined to blend a number of musical components into the 16 minute debut. The result is an exciting Balearic beat pocketed with a clean, crisp rap flow.

Jeremy Mayhew, recording under the pseudonym Jammy, has encapsulated the sound of a summer romance, each track raw and lustful. The slick production mixing allows each track to flow effortlessly into the next, and it’s easy to get caught up in this whirlwind of youthful desire. This distortion only makes for a more sensual EP, the album bookended by singles ‘Edibles’ and ‘No More Drugs’. Comparing the act of falling in love with a chemically induced high is arguably an overused and unoriginal reference, but the album has cleverly created a paradise and the groovy construction is charmingly naïve.

‘Moon’ boasts Jammy’s skills as a lyricist as well as his talent for mixing: “Conversations someday / Roaches in my ashtray / Love is a sick game / Fucking with my membrane”. At the track’s midway point the musical backdrop transforms into an eerie electronic production, the soaring beats easily inspired by Jamie xx’s In Colour.

The accompanying visual for track ‘Trailblazer’ is an interesting homage to Back to the Future, Jammy leaving 2017 to meet his lover in 1986. The blending of these two decades feels staggeringly nostalgic for such a young artist, but this current cultural fixation on the 80s is reviving the films and music which captured the decade. The smooth synth pop of the single is a nod to the emergence of 80s new wave music, yet despite this sentimental lust, No More Drugs successfully asserts its own identity.

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