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'Transfigure' may be defined as "a change of the appearance or nature of a person place or thing, often in a positive or spiritual manner." Within this issue of the Magazine, the theme manifests variously as a creative process, a constructive viewpoint and as an articulation of personal experience and identity. Our tenth edition comprises of a collection of poetry, essays and prints, featuring photography by Heather Grant, Burcu Köleli and the often surreal fusion of images and effects in the work of Luka Misiūnaitė.

Issue 9: Disorder

'Disorder' is a term that connotes disarray, contrariness and chaos. Within this issue, the theme is explored in its broadest sense to explore and challenge norms as well as to consider the ways in which disorder can be embraced and utilised. Issue 9 features an exclusive interview with a member of the notorious punk band Pussy Riot as well as a series of unique prints from Tyler Spangler, Thin Ice Press and other contributors.